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The Embezzling and Violation of
The Federal Reserve System’s non-profit status

Please Watch the video below regarding
The Embezzling and Violation of the Federal Reserve

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US House of Representatives
363 Russell Senate Office Building
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RE: The embezzling and violation of The Federal Reserve System’s non profit status.

Dear United States House of Representatives,

The Federal Reserve System (TFRS) is a privately owned non profit corporation. It is not part of the US Treasury nor is it part of any other official US government agency.

You are allowing trillions of our US dollars to be directly distributed by TFRS to unidentified foreign and domestic entities. This is not the same money loaned to congress that we are taxed for. It’s additional money created and distributed without your knowledge and oversight. Former Florida Congressman Alan Grayson has participated in hearings proving this.

All US dollars created by TFRS is profit that belongs to the United States Treasury. TFRS is supposed to be retaining only their operating expenses. They are only returning to the US Treasury a small portion of the interest they charge. They keep the principal trillions plus most of the interest they charge. Is it any wonder why foreign and domestic enemies of the US are so heavily financed?

As long as you allow this to happen we can never get out of debt and feel protected from our heavily financed enemies. Please stop them from turning our US dollars into debt for the tax payer instead of what it’s supposed to be; profit for the treasury, not profit for our enemies.

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Please do your job and force TFRS to return all assets over to the treasury. You then need to have the US Treasury return all assets to the US tax payers.


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Loy’s Rule 11 case 

2023 Petition to SCOTUS is still valid!

If you wish to continue to have letters sent to SCOTUS requesting Congress to be held accountable to their Oath and Our Elections, we welcome and appreciate your continued support to keep the pressure on SCOTUS to consider this case.

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